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Your campaign will usually be setup within 24 hours. Due to the fact that we cannot predict an exact amount of visitors generated by our ads, campaigns may vary in delivery times. However, we can generate in excess of 100,000+ visitors for US per day per campaign for larger orders. We can get large volumes for many other countries - just depends on your budget.
Please note that we can send traffic to website's with pop-ups.You need to use our CPC trafic for this. Please read our TERMS and CONDITIONS Resellers please contact us.

Fill in the form below, one of our marketing experts will set up a campaign for you suited to your needs free of charge. You wil then be emailed your login details where you will have full control to add or change your campaigns and lots more. You will also be able to fund your campaign via Wire Transfer (we provide our banks address and phone number of our personal bank manager for your peace of mind. References of clients (they have agreed to allow us to use them as a reference) who pay by wire are also available on request)

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The more keywords you enter the more traffic we can send you. Please enter one keyword per line. Targeting URL's is also allowable. This is ideal for CPA offers. If you want Run Of Network please enter ron (Run Of Network) ron is priced from as low as $4.50CPM, Targeted keywords are priced from as low as $10CPM


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Please be aware that selecting smaller countries such as NewZealand would result in slower delivery as we have limited inventory on these smaller countries. If you select lesser known countries than its advisable to select similar groups of countries if you want faster delivery of traffic. For example Australia would complement NewZealand.

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